A new view, a new you

You might be surprised to hear that your internal dialogue is largely responsible for how your life turns out. Are you interested to know how? Contact me or read on.


The ability to influence your circumstances depends on how you see things. The way you interpret events in your life has a significant effect on your experience of life and on your level of happiness. Let’s look at an example where two people might come to different conclusions about the same life experience. Let ‘s assume that there are two people, both recently made redundant. One of them is feeling depressed, lost and hopeless while the other feels optimistic and sees it as an opportunity to start anew. There is only one difference between them, there state of mind. While one is focusing on the catastrophe of the situation, adopting a pessimistic viewpoint the other chooses to feel positive and optimistic. It is likely that the first person feels all is lost and reciting a dialogue in his mind that asks questions such as ‘Why me? ,whereas the person who feels better about the situations might have an internal dialogue that assures him that this was a blessing in disguise, as he hasn’t been happy and fulfilled in that job for a long time and with his skills and knowledge he will be able to find something much better.

You do have the power to make yourself feel better about any given situation and circumstance as long as you practice a positive self-dialogue. In your self-dialogue, you must avoid judgment of yourself and use kind and compassionate language about you and your situation. You could say to yourself for example, ‘Things might be a bit hard right now but with time and effort they will get better.’

So, you can influence your circumstances by thinking empowering thoughts and by believing in the possibility that life might just get better.


“When life does not work out the way you want it, it is not usually the sign to give up; it is a sign you should be bolder. Not by trying the same things over and over again; but by doing something radical, something fresh and new. “
- Menna Van Praag

When you feel that there is nothing going right in your life that is the time to think outside the box and start viewing and doing things differently. It is the time to mobilise all your inner resources, your inner strength, your courage, your faith and hope and decide to set out on a journey that will lead you to happier pastures. I observed in my life that whenever I’ve been presented with a life challenge, being relationship, family, financial or career that I considered to be critical, something good, often something better came out of it. Undeniably, these life challenges were testing at the time and sure enough, I needed all my inner strength and support from my loved ones to get through them but I realised that the life experience, the learning that came out of them made them worthwhile. These challenges shaped who I am now and made me a much wiser and nicer person. The feeling of overwhelm can grip you tight and that is the time to ask for help or reappraise the way you think about you and your situation.


Please do not let your pride get in the way of asking others for help. You will find that when you open up to others they will offer their help willingly. I truly believe, there is always someone out there who can help us.


It is psychologically helpful to you to look at your situation from a different angle. You could think about what blessings it might hold and the possible positive outcomes might occur. You know the saying every cloud has a silver lining. Well, I believe they do. A relationship breakup for example can always be viewed as a release, something that sets you free to meet a more suitable partner or to find yourself again. A redundancy can be seen as an opportunity to find a more fulfilling and better paid job, financial struggle gives you the chance to learn how to manage money better and encourages you to find your path that is both financially and emotionally rewarding.

When you feel beaten down by life, it is the time to shake all your negativity off and become a brave warrior of life.