businessplanMaking a plan is crucial to business success. This might be an obvious statement but believe me it was not so obvious to me when I started out. I was full of hope but somewhat naive as to what it takes to make it in the self-help industry. As a coach I taught people how to identify a clear and specific goal and helped them map out their way to get there, when one day it hit me that the process that includes plan, focus and act, applies to me, specifically to my business too. I believe that evaluation is your first step. Have a look at what has and has not been working since you’ve been in business and make a list of those things.  Look at how much time you are spending on certain tasks and how much profit each of those tasks bring. Also evaluate your own behaviour. Notice if and when you are procrastinating and identify the reasons for it. It could be that you are postponing working on something because you are afraid to fail or uncertain about how to do it. Remind yourself that failure could be a necessary step toward success and even if you failed you could start again and do it better. If you are uncertain then it is best to ask for help rather than dwell on the problem. You might also want to check out if you have any perfectionist tendencies and learn to curb them as they will prevent you from finishing tasks and projects. So, as I said EVALUATE.  Then you can start planning. Look at your finances and put facts and figures on to paper. Ask yourself what you want to achieve financially and decide if it is realistic and achievable.  Decide what action steps you need to take in order to succeed. ACTION IS A VITAL COMPONENT OF SUCCESS. You can have the best business plan on the planet, if you fail to put your plans into action you will fail.  Actions do not only speak louder than words but they also speak louder than plans. Action is what going to push you through the finish line. If you find yourself afraid to act then you need to ask yourself why. Please do not ever be afraid of asking for help from a mentor or a coach as it could make the difference of you becoming a successful entrepreneur or remaining a dreamer.


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shipYou might feel that your business dreams are stepping close and closer to a precipice where they will fall and will cease to exist forever.   You, like many entrepreneurs, might doubt if you can survive the pain of financial struggle, despondency and the overwhelming feeling of failure. You might feel in need of a life line or a boat that strong enough to sail you to shore despite of rough waters. Yes, starting and growing a business is not for the faint hearted and can feel like being lost at sea sometimes but at the same time it is exciting and rewarding.  It has an element of unpredictability which can be unnerving but as you become more resilient and learn to have trust in yourself and in your abilities you will feel calmer and safer and know that you can navigate your ship well enough to reach the shores of success.  One of my favourite quotes is from ‘Men, money and chocolate’ by Mena Van Praag, where she sais “When life does not work out the way you want it, it is not usually the sign to give up, it is a sign you should be bolder. Not by trying the same things over and over again; but by doing something radical, something brave, fresh and new.”  I have this quote on the wall above my desk to remind me every day that I am the one who is responsible for my own success and that in order to succeed in business I need to adopt a resilient attitude and make changes as and if necessary. I like many other self-help entrepreneurs initially found it hard to become a business person  and I must admit it took some time to master it but once I empowered myself and learnt (the hard way ) the tricks of the trade, so to speak, my fortune has turned around.  I learnt to sharpen my focus, become crystal clear on what I wanted and how I planned to achieve it.  I waved goodbye to procrastination and took some courageous action steps. Listen, if I can do it then so can you! It is time to heal the pain of struggle and steer your ship to calmer waters, or if you prefer, your business toward success.


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success.5Self-Confidence is an essential building block of success. When you have confidence, you are aware of your abilities and are able to set realistic goals in your life, which are achievable. You have an inner drive to make things happen in life. You are unafraid to express your point of view and are aware that you can handle yourself in different social situations. You trust your own judgement and feel empowered.


How to tell if you lack self-confidence?

 However, if you  lack confidence, you could hear yourself say ‘I can’t do it’ and have negative thoughts and beliefs about your abilities. You might even feel self-doubt and notice that you are overly critical of yourself, including your appearance.  Lack of self-confidence might show up in the perceived inability to formulate a plan or achieve your goals. You might notice that you shy away from standing up for yourself and for your beliefs and feel uneasy in social situations.

 If you lack confidence you might find yourself avoiding embarking on new ventures or putting yourself in situations where you might be criticised or where you feel you might fail.  You may lack courage and are unaware of your abilities. Your lack of confidence can even affect the way you communicate and present yourself to the world thereby, influence the opportunities you have in life.

An essential step toward self-confidence

One step you must take if to improve your self-confidence and that is to stare fear in the face and step outside of your comfort zone.  Only when you prove to yourself that ‘you can do it’ will your confidence start to grow.  The more daring you become and the more you approach novel situations with a sense of self-belief the more your confidence will grow.  So, go ahead, decide today to take one tiny step out of your comfort zone and do something that requires you to have some self-confidence.  It might be uncomfortable to start with but please do not allow fear to stand in your way.  Trust me, small consistent steps will walk you to a more confident you.

“The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.”  
William Jennings Bryan


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success.3While both Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem are rooted in our belief system and therefore, intimately linked, they represent different aspects of our personality.  Belief in our abilities and personal qualities yields high Self-Confidence whereas belief in our self-worth and personal values gives way to a healthy level of Self-Esteem.  Your level of Self-Esteem is reflected by your perception of your self-worth, in other words, it highlights how much you like and value yourself.  When you have high Self-Esteem, your internal dialogue is positive and non-judgemental. You have a positive and optimistic outlook on life and you love and value yourself.  You are happy with your life, your career, and your relationships. You are in good health and you like and appreciate who you are, inside and out.



How to tell that you have low self-esteem?


On the other hand you might suffer from Low Self-Esteem if you are feeling anxious and depressed , afraid of changes and challenges, pessimistic, unable to move forward in life, feel stuck and unhappy, feel that you are  ‘not good enough’  and feel that you are  not lovable.  Each time you tell yourself that you are not good enough or not desirable enough you not only diminish and de-value yourself but you also create self-imposed limitations that blind you from seeing what is possible. Low Self-Esteem can have a huge impact on different areas of your life, including relationships and career.   You might be single and looking for love or you might be in a relationship that no longer makes you happy or you might just want to have more friends, however you are unable to make the necessary changes to make these things happen, as you do not feel and believe that you can. Another possible consequence of having Low Self-Esteem, could be that you are stuck in a job that you dislike and might even experience financial hardship as a result of it.  You might pass on a job offer or delay starting your own business because you do not feel good, knowledgeable, or clever enough.


How to improve it?


There is only one way to improve your self-esteem and that is to start disproving your inner-critique by showing to yourself that you ‘can’.  Embark on novel experiences and adopt new more optimistic thoughts that lead you toward being more satisfied with who you are. The more you accept and like yourself the healthier your self-esteem becomes. Seeing yourself as someone lovable, someone who has things going for him/her and someone who is good enough is crucial. I believe that once you find your inner strength and dare to show who and what you are to the world, success and happiness will follow.

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