Setting up and growing a therapy business is exciting and at the same time it can be a challenging experience.   Newly qualified therapists are eager to unleash their gifts with which to transform the lives of others.  They are however often unaware of the level of determination and psychological resilience required and the extent they will need to rely upon their confidence in order to create a therapy business that is personally fulfilling and at the same time financially rewarding. 


There are two ways to improve self-confidence and that is through thoughts and actions.




In order to get the business and career you want you must adopt what I call a ‘Success Mindset’.  The ‘Success Mindset’ can be defined as psychological resilience and solution focused thinking.  Achieving a mindset that is programmed to success is simpler than you think.  Let me show you two easy ways to do it:


 Engage in positive self-dialogue


 Self-dialogue refers to your inner chatter, in other words, the internal conversation you have with yourself.  Yes, we all have a chat with ourselves on a daily bases however the tone of these conversations will determine your experiences.  You might encounter the inner critic that throws words of judgment at you and make you question your abilities and self-worth.  You can disarm your inner critic and build your confidence by following these steps:




  • Become aware of your internal dialogue by monitoring your thoughts
  • Question the validity of your thoughts just like you were testing a hypothesis
    Is this really true?  -  Where is my evidence? – Is it realistic/logical to think this?
  • Use encouraging, kind and  compassionate language with yourself


 Shift your focus


 You can control the focus of your mind by choosing where to direct your attention.   A simple but powerful technique to direct your attention to the solution is to ask the following three questions. 

What can I do to ..?        How can I do it?            Who can help me? 







We are often led to believe that you need to be confident before attempting something new in fact the opposite is true.  You become confident as a result of going out and doing the thing you are not confident about and you grow your confidence through practice.  There are two important action steps to take to build your confidence and with that your therapy business.


 Keep stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone


 I know from personal experience that the only way to grow a business is to challenge yourself regularly by doing at least one activity per month that feels a little scary and it is


something   you have not done before.  Activities that might make you slightly anxious but you know when completed will take your business forward.  Listen, stepping outside of your comfort zone is not mean to be comfortable; it is called the comfort zone after all.  It is inevitable that you will feel discomfort when attempting doing things you have not done before however the more you do them the easier they will become.  


 Draw up a business plan and take action consistently


 Once you have a clear vision for your business and  have  a detailed plan that include your marketing strategy and the action steps you need to take you will feel more confident about the future of your business  immediately.  All that remains to do is to work toward your business dreams incrementally by taking action consistently.