Success next exit - SignThe concept of Self-Belief describes a state of mind and being, where you have the unshakable belief that you are able to overcome any challenges that life might throw at you and that you are able to create the life that you desire. The level of your Self-Belief can influence virtually all areas of your life, including career, relationships, finances, and health.   When you start to believe in yourself, you become unstoppable and your life will transform for the better.

 The reason why you might lack Self-Belief are usually complex and each individual may differ, however there are two common factors that can affect  people’s level of Self-Belief.  The first one might surprise you, as it takes you back right into your childhood.  Many of your beliefs were formed in the early years of your life and as such have been held for a long period of time. These long held beliefs influence your thoughts, feelings and actions.   You might have been told that you were not good enough, not smart enough, not attractive enough or that life was a struggle.  Your subconscious mind took all of these negative statements on board and stored them as the truth. They became part of your belief system.  You will be pleased to know however that, these beliefs can be challenged and changed and your Self-Belief can be raised. The second factor that can affect Self-Belief is specific events that happened any time during your life, which have knocked your Self-Confidence.  You might have experienced failure at certain tasks, others might have put you down, or a major life change has occurred, such as being made redundant for example, which caused you to lose confidence in your abilities.

Fortunately, by tackling  your limiting beliefs and by challenging your fears you can raise your level of self-belief significantly.  I believe that by working on self-belief’s two close allies self-confidence and self-esteem your self-belief will transform and you’ll be on your way to success in no time.


Please don’t be afraid to contact me if  you need help with working on your self-belief.