success.6As a self-help entrepreneur I meet a lot of therapists and other entrepreneurs.  I find that they are often afraid to show the world who they are. I recently had a really interesting conversation with a psychic who regularly appears on TV but was unsure about doing live stage shows. She said that her reason for that was being worried about being ridiculed by her colleagues. Fear is very often the cause for us to want to hide and avoid shining our light. The problem is that as an entrepreneur you simply do not have the luxury to hide. If you continue hiding you condemn your business to failure as exposure is its life supply.  Writing blogs, being on social media, attending network meetings and offering your services to companies and private individuals is an essential part of creating a successful business. Stepping outside your comfort zone is inevitable I am afraid, if you want to make a good living out of what you love doing.  Why would you settle for being mediocre when you could be brilliant? I don’t believe in one fits all. What I mean by that is I think every business is unique, every individual is unique and therefore requires a unique plan of action. So, if you have tried and not succeeded you need to create your own unique plan and do it your way.  You need to be proud of who and what you are and trust your instincts. You must learn to shine! Of course there are certain guidelines to follow when you are in business but rest assured that you are the secret magic component that no-one else has.  So, don’t delay, come out of hiding and start running a successful business!


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