Empowerment Coaching

 Why Empowerment Coaching?

Are you wondering what happened to all the wonderful dreams you had for a perfect life?

Please don’t despair, whilst I can’t promise you a dream family or job or relationship, what I can promise is that Empowerment Coaching can really make a difference to your life. Making the decision to change your life can be daunting. It takes courage to seek support and the very fact that you are reading this right now tells me that you have the courage to move on and to start realising some of your dreams.

Empowerment Coaching lies at the very heart of all our coaching and though you may want to focus on the specific areas of Self-belief, Stress Management or Overall Happiness, you will be amazed how many things will fall in to place when you have some control back in your life.

Empowerment Coaching will help you to:

  • Release patterns of behaviours
  • Shift your limiting beliefs
  • Take practical steps toward change
  • Make positive changes
  • Take charge of your life

The Result will help you:

  • Reach your goals
  • Realise your dreams
  • Fulfil your ambitions
  • Become an active creator of your life
  • Be a success

(Free session is via Skype or phone)
Tel : 0794 630 8821 Email:katalin@4hlifecoach.co.uk


Who is Empowerment Coaching for?

Are you ready and willing to make changes to your life? Are you open to learning to approach life in new ways?
Have you made a decision to sculpt your own life and to be empowered?
Are willing to take action to transform your life from the inside out?
Have you decided to step out of your own shadow and embrace your power?



How does it work?

During the coaching sessions, you will uncover the beliefs and thoughts that render you powerless and you will discover how they hold you back from experiencing the life you want. Empowerment Coaching is based on the principle that your internal world, your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. You will learn to shift your beliefs to more empowering ones and you will start to make positive changes to your life.
You will be encouraged to take action, to move forward and to solve challenges in your life by raising your self-awareness. You’ll be invited to explore all possible options and solutions to your challenges and will have the opportunity to formulate a suitable plan of action. You will feel empowered to create the life you desire.

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