“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning” Benjamin Franklin




Setting-up and growing your own therapy business is exciting but also challenging. Laying a solid foundation for your business, having clarity on the services you offer and understanding your business model is essential to success. Being a professional who can help others transform their lives for the better is incredibly rewarding however as a business owner you must become good at both personal and business management.

Feeling stuck, not knowing how to develop the plan of action that will drive the business forward and listening to the voices predicting failure are just some of the obstacles therapy business owners face. Resilience, resourcefulness, creativity and most importantly a plan are the keys to the future. In order to build a thriving therapy business you need to be motivated, you need to be able to deal with knock backs and challenges.

Holistic Business Empowerment Coaching and Mentoring  can help you to overcome all these challenges, equip you with the resources you need to start and build the business of your dreams and help you create the action plan that turns dreams into reality.



I hired Katalin to help me with my Therapy Business Mind Detox London. As I was someone who had just started their own business, Katalin’s vast expertise, integrity, and experience was just what I needed. Each session was extremely well structured, with clear and concise action steps to take to make my business grow and be more successful.  Adam, London


Who is Holistic Business Empowerment Coaching and Mentoring for?

It  is for start up therapy business owners, such as Life Coaches, Holistic Therapists, NLP Practitioners,  EFT Practitioners,  Healers and aspiring  Transformational Experts who are at the beginning of their business journey. This programme can also be perfect for you if you are already running your therapy business however not yet able to make a good living out of it.



Thank you Katalin, I thoroughly enjoyed our two days working together, It was fun, inspiring, supportive and empowering and I have gained much clarity. I now have a clear picture of exactly what I can offer in my practice and a step by step plan of action.

I would recommend anyone setting up or struggling to establish their therapy practice to get in touch with Katalin.  She gets quickly to the core issues and gives inspired suggestions, helping to identify exactly what it is you can offer and how to go about successfully promoting your business. 

Patricia, East Sussex


How does it work?


Together we will work on creating a rock solid foundation for your therapy business:

                    Uncover your vision and dream for your business
Discover who your audience is and how to reach them
Clarify the services, programmes and products you are offering
Create programmes and products
Find the best marketing tools for your business
Create a marketing plan for your business
Draw up your business plan
Identify action steps
Take the first steps toward building a thriving therapy business


I will also help you:                                                                                   The Holistic Business Empowerment Programme is bespoke.

  • Tackle self-sabotage / Procrastination                                               After our initial consultation you will receive a questionnaire from me
  • Overcome overwhelm                                                                           I will use the information gathered to design a uniquely tailored
  • Face your fears and help you get past them                                      business coaching/mentoring programme for you and your business.
  • Recognise your value
  • Clear psychological blocks you might have to success




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