hope‘I feel hopeless, despondent, fed up with struggling for money, bored with my life and completely stuck.’ announced a client of mine.  She always thought of herself as someone who is ambitious, reasonably pro-active and most importantly someone who saw the glass half full.  Recently, she had been feeling that life has beaten all hope and optimism out of her leaving her in a place of despair.  These feelings are not unique to my client as unfortunately many of us are experiencing them right now.  I always advise on focusing on the solution and not dwelling on the problem however I must admit that at times this is easier said than done. I came to the conclusion that your feelings and thoughts cannot be denied their voice. They need to be heard.  When you are feeling low you need to hear your own desperation, disillusionment and unhappiness expressed in order to shake the over powering feeling of hopelessness. You need to allow tears to fall and tension to release from your body and mind. Holding it all in or trying desperately to think positive, uplifting thoughts just because self-help experts advise you to do so, will not lead you out of the darkness.  You can find your way out only by accepting your thoughts and feelings no matter how desperate they are, share them with your best friend or your coach/therapist and slowly start to shift your attention toward the light at the end of an extremely long tunnel.  It might be hard but begin to think about all the things you still have in your life and start to light the fire in your mind and heart by looking at all the possibilities. Regaining hope and belief in life could be some way to travel but hope is what keeps us alive what drives us forward to achieve extraordinary things, therefore it worth fighting for.  My client now is taking one day at a time.  She is no longer afraid of judgement or to express her feelings. She is no longer scared of hearing her own desperate voice.  When she speaks I hear resilience in her voice and see the glimmer of hope in her eyes.


If you need help with overcoming hoplessness then please do not be afraid to contact me.