businessplanMaking a plan is crucial to business success. This might be an obvious statement but believe me it was not so obvious to me when I started out. I was full of hope but somewhat naive as to what it takes to make it in the self-help industry. As a coach I taught people how to identify a clear and specific goal and helped them map out their way to get there, when one day it hit me that the process that includes plan, focus and act, applies to me, specifically to my business too. I believe that evaluation is your first step. Have a look at what has and has not been working since you’ve been in business and make a list of those things.  Look at how much time you are spending on certain tasks and how much profit each of those tasks bring. Also evaluate your own behaviour. Notice if and when you are procrastinating and identify the reasons for it. It could be that you are postponing working on something because you are afraid to fail or uncertain about how to do it. Remind yourself that failure could be a necessary step toward success and even if you failed you could start again and do it better. If you are uncertain then it is best to ask for help rather than dwell on the problem. You might also want to check out if you have any perfectionist tendencies and learn to curb them as they will prevent you from finishing tasks and projects. So, as I said EVALUATE.  Then you can start planning. Look at your finances and put facts and figures on to paper. Ask yourself what you want to achieve financially and decide if it is realistic and achievable.  Decide what action steps you need to take in order to succeed. ACTION IS A VITAL COMPONENT OF SUCCESS. You can have the best business plan on the planet, if you fail to put your plans into action you will fail.  Actions do not only speak louder than words but they also speak louder than plans. Action is what going to push you through the finish line. If you find yourself afraid to act then you need to ask yourself why. Please do not ever be afraid of asking for help from a mentor or a coach as it could make the difference of you becoming a successful entrepreneur or remaining a dreamer.


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