Kick the habit of disempowerment

There are people who are more comfortable being disempowered. Would you like to know how to ignite the flame of empowerment? Contact me or read on.


If you ask anyone whether they would like to be empowered and have a happier, healthier and more successful life the answer would be ‘yes’, every time. It would be logical to think that all of the people who said yes to empowerment would be willing to do their best when given the tools, techniques, wisdom and the knowledge to go ahead and free themselves from their mental, emotional and physical restraints. You might be surprised to learn that this is not the case. I have come across people both in my professional and private life who are just seem to be addicted to mental pain and suffering and even after knowing the secret of empowerment chose to stay disempowered. ‘ I want to use all those techniques’ and’ I want to change the way I think’ they say but it just remains at that stage of wanting never really truly trying or more to the point never truly having the intention to do so. They seem to have identified with the role of the victim so deeply that it became inconceivable to become anything or anybody else but. They got so used to living a dissatisfying life that to them it does not even seem plausible that they can lead a better one. An example of this is one of my workshop participants. She was not even able to visualize herself happy and content, not because she was not good at visualizing as by her own admission she is doing it perfectly with negative images but because being happy was a picture just as unbelievable to her as for her to land on Mars. If you are one of these people then please do not despair you will get there, you will be able to see positive images and think more empowering thoughts about yourself and your life. You need to do one thing only and that is to intend it to happen. It is important that you do not just say to yourself ‘I will try’ as trying on this occasion will not be good enough but to set a solid intention to do it. Start with simple pictures in your mind, such as seeing yourself smiling and with one empowering thought a day, which could be ‘I can do this’ or ‘Let’s find a solution’ and build it from there. Day by day, picture by picture, thought by thought.