Let me share with you just a few of the testimonials I received over the years from my clients.



I came to see Katalin to help me think more clearly about my future, build confidence in myself and have belief in my abilities to always deliver a great job whether in my current workplace or somewhere new. I was not sure what to expect however I found the sessions extremely useful. Katalin easily sees the best in you and helps you see the good for yourself. She helped me understand why I might behave in a certain way and to put things from the past behind me. She really helped me see the things I deliver and am capable of rather than how I saw things ‘I just do my job but no idea what am good at’. We got good examples each week that I could reflect on and her sessions most of all made me think about situations and conversations and how to put a more positive spin on things.



Natasha, West Sussex,   Empowerment Coaching


When I contacted Katalin after my marriage break up I was completely down and in a permanent low mood. I lost all confidence in me and I felt that I would never be able to think straight again and I felt that I could not solve my problems.  With Katalin’s help  I managed to stay away from falling into depression and I learnt a lot about myself and about how to deal with my problems. Now I feel much calmer and much more positive about my future.


 Al, West Sussex Empowerment Coaching

 I contacted Katalin when I found myself in such a tricky place with my work. My confidence was on the floor and I thought perhaps a Life Coach would be able to give me a few pointers here & there as to how I could get out of this “fog”.  I’d been in a new role in the city for just under a year and was struggling with learning a new role/being a mum/the commute and my dream to work in the City. After just the very first discovery session Katalin helped me see things in a different way. Just knowing I was giving myself a chance by being proactive and making contact with Katalin I felt more positive and stronger. The next few sessions didn’t focus on work really at all - instead there were areas within my personal life that were so overpowering I needed help & guidance as to dealing with them before I could properly look at my work-life. Katalin has helped me so much in ALL parts of my life and I’m able to apply the tips she has given me to get me through all sorts of challenges. Katalin doesn’t judge she simply helps and has made me look at things in a more positive and deal-able way.

Beccie, West Sussex  Empowerment Coaching


Katalin is fantastic!!! She knows the right questions to ask at the right time to and helps you to put things into perspective. She helps you to discover all the obstacles that you have created for yourself but you might not be aware of. She is there for you, guiding you through this journey of self-understanding and she is taking care of you to process all the things you have to in the best way for you. She has helped me so much! !! Thank you! !! :)
The only thing I regret is not having contacted her any sooner. :)

Esther, London ,  Empowerment Coaching



Thank you Katalin, I thoroughly enjoyed our two days working together, It was fun, inspiring, supportive and empowering and I have gained much clarity. I now have a clear picture of exactly what I can offer in my practice and a step by step plan of action.

I would recommend anyone setting up or struggling to establish their therapy practice to get in touch with Katalin.  She gets quickly to the core issues and gives inspired suggestions, helping to identify exactly what it is you can offer and how to go about successfully promoting your business. 


Patricia, East Sussex, Business Empowerment Coaching



My experience working with Katalin, in her workshop and one-to-one coaching, was productive and inspiring. Her encouragement and openness helped me overcome some challenges I was having with moving my business forward. Thank you, Katalin; I am excited and ready to take the next step!

Shelli , London – The Empowered Holistic Entrepreneur Workshop


The workshop was an amazing experience!  It was a safe place to get my business ideas clarified. I would recommend to all therapy business start ups to do this workshop first before spending a single penny on anything else. The workshop was very practical and informative. Brainstorming with others was incredibly useful and it felt like being in a mastermind group.  I cannot express in words how much clarity I gained from these two days. I have already started to put my plan into action and I am looking forward to continuing to work with Katalin.


Luisa , London – The Empowered Holistic Entrepreneur Workshop

If you want a clear, straightforward, fun workshop to equip you with the practical knowledge you need to set up your business as a professional coach or therapist, this is the one. Katalin is highly knowledgeable and empowering trainer who truly cares that her clients succeed. A rare Inspirer!

Carey, London – The Empowered Holistic Entrepreneur Workshop

Thank you for a very inspiring and enjoyable talk last night. I was not
sure what to expect, but I came away feeling a lot more positive and with some
excellent, simple tools to start using immediately, and I really enjoyed your
natural, bubbly style – very engaging and light-hearted but with a strong,
practical message.
Victoria,  London (Talk on confidence building  at Evolve Wellness Centre South Kensington)

Getting used to a major change in life can take its toll, even more when it’s not just a major change, but many. New country, new job and new role within my relationship amongst other things. With all that added load upon your shoulders, an everyday problem that arises can very easily lead you to break down or overreact. I was blaming myself and others for things that were mainly just my interpretation of things rather than fact. All this negative behaviour had seriously started to affect the perception I had of myself as an individual, as a partner and as part of a team at work. Katalin helped me find effective ways of managing my stress levels so that I could cope with them, delegate responsibilities to avoid being overwhelmed by workloads and most importantly, forgive, accept and appreciate myself and others.
Fran, West Sussex, Empowerment Coaching

I hired Katalin to help me with my Therapy Business Mind Detox London. As I was someone who had just started their own business, Katalin’s vast expertise, integrity, and experience was just what I needed. Each session was extremely well structured, with clear and concise action steps to take to make my business grow and be more successful. Perhaps what I found most useful was learning how to move from being Self-Employed to actually running a business which can operate on Auto-Pilot.  Without Katalin’s expert advice I would undoubtedly still be at square 1.

Adam, Mind Detox Therapy, London,  Business Empowerment Coaching

Katalin is very efficient and assertive empowerment business coach. When I did my first session with her I was surprised because she went straight to the point without wasting time. She is a good listener and she understands very quickly what your difficulty is. She pushes you to you to be your best and after each session I am more enthusiastic about growing my business and widening my vision. Thank you so much Katalin for your coaching, it’s great.

Orianne, Family Healer and Counsellor, London,  Business Empowerment Coaching

Katalin is an enthusiastic and focused Empowerment Business Coach. She was very helpful on goal-setting, follow-up and action plans for my therapy business.  She has a vibrant personality and a pleasant manner. I would highly recommend her services.

Jayne, Hypnotherapist, East Sussex,   Business Empowerment Coaching

After only my first session Katalin gave me the inspiration to start thinking outside the box to alter the way of doing business.  She has a very pleasant manner and easy to talk to and very good at implementing action plans for each session.  After a few sessions I felt much more positive about how to develop my business and was very pleased for all the ideas, most of which I have now put into effect.  I would recommend Katalin’s services to anyone.

Peter, Massage therapist, West Sussex,  Business Empowerment Coaching


Katalin is a coaching gem amongst a lot of rubble. Her positive outlook on life, her listening skills, her belief in people and finding solutions coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience of the psychology of life make her easy to recommend.
Managing a career, a business, a family, friends and finances are the norm of life today. For many people the pressures of juggling this complexity gets in the way of enjoying life. This is where Katalin comes in, read the testimonials of her clients to see how life changing working with Katalin can be.

Victoria, London

Katalin has provided some very interesting talks at our Open Days which have been very well attended. She has also delivered some workshops on growing in self confidence and finding happiness. All of these sessions have contained valuable insights and practical tools, and allowed the participants to benefit enormously. Her delivery is very clear and easy to understand and it is a pleasure to work with her. We look forward to working with Katalin at the Koorana Centre again.

Gabrielle, Koorana Centre, West Sussex

Katalin is an extremely professional coach and she is able to swiftly get to the heart of the matter and help you to uncover what really underlies your issues. Her combination of empathy, firmness and good humour work together to allow you to resolve your problems in an effective manner. I would recommend her to others without hesitation.

Richard, West Sussex, Empowerment Coaching

Thank you so much for everything over the last few months – I don’t think I would have got through this very stressful time in my life and come out the other side so positively without you. You have really challenged the way I think and made me so much more aware of the negative cycles I have to break

Katie, East Grinstead,  Empowerment Coaching

I have enjoyed my experience of Life Coaching thoroughly. Very supportive and appropriately challenging. Talking about the situations I face and how to embark on a new chapter in my life to an impartial trained professional is priceless. What I saw as big problems/fears being broken down into bite size challenges and then discovering how to get over them built my confidence. I would say that if you are at some sort of cross-roads or need to overcome things etc to contact you, no matter how sceptical! A supportive, challenging but most of all rewarding experience that will never forget! I would like to thank you for the support and patience throughout our sessions and feel very lucky that I stumbled across your website! You have helped me through some challenging times and I know that the benefit of our sessions will be with me for years to come!

Lorna, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

I feel like I am a different person, my confidence came back. Now, I am the one who tells others how to be positive and feel good about themselves, which people are surprised about as they are used to me needing re-assurance. I am still on my coaching journey and there are still some way to go but my confidence has transformed in the past few weeks and that is due to coaching. I feel that in the sessions I have had we have explored so much. I feel so much more aware of areas that I can’t control and things I need to accept. All the activities that you have me to do are still working and I m still working on them. Our sessions were very beneficial and supported areas that I worked on before with CBT. Thank you for everything.
Leigh, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

I can honestly say that coaching with Katalin was the most productive time spent for a longtime. Katalin has the ability of getting you to identify the issue and come up withsolutions all in the same breath.
Greg, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

I found coaching with Katalin, to be a very positive experience, where she was helping me through some difficult patches. I found her coaching and support helped me to deal with situations and better ways of reacting / responding. Katalin was appropriately challenging at times, her approach was always just right. She encouraged reflection and positive thinking, and gave me manageable exercises to do outside of the sessions. I found that when I did put the effort in, there really were good results. She also helped with issues within my relationship with my partner. I found her coaching and support to be invaluable and was much needed during a very difficult time. And also, the help she gave me, I can keep using, and it still helps me now. I really would recommend Katalin to help anyone in need get through tough times and beyond!
Becka, East Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

I found the experience very insightful and enlightening. I learnt quite a bit about myself. I found that I could open up to you as you wouldn’t judge me. That is not something that is easy to do with friends and family. The fact that Katalin stressed the importance of acceptance is something I really want to grasp. I found the techniques I have learnt to use if negative thoughts entered my mind or when periods of sadness, anger or anxiety occurred, very useful. I learnt something about me every week and Katalin’s positive angle on everything was very refreshing. The kindness shown, the understanding given and techniques taught will all go towards making my life a better one from now on.
Pete, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

When I started coaching I felt I was stuck. I was unhappy at home and needed help with my career and my self-confidence. Coaching has lifted my anxiety and I helped me with my self-worth. I feel more confident that I can make changes to my life. I see a side of me that I have not seen before a more confident and optimistic side. I learnt to look at my situation and myself differently. Although I still have, some way to go I feel that coaching with Katalin put me on track.
Heather, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

The coaching I receive from Katalin helps me to see things from a completely different perspective, it has stopped the same old thoughts and feelings going round and round in my head. From the first session I started to see how the way I thought about myself affected my whole life, and by being kinder to myself I lifted myself out of the negative attitudes I had always had of myself and my achievements.
The new attitudes to my life I have learnt through my coaching have made me realise that I am a much stronger person than I realised and it has helped me to navigate successfully through some difficult times in my life.
I would thoroughly recommend coaching to anyone. Just having a different perspective on your life makes all the difference. You will see yourself through new eyes and will understand yourself better after a few coaching sessions than you have through the course of the rest of your life! It’s a work in progress, but it’s a fascinating journey!
Andrea, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

I have been benefitting from coaching sessions with Katalin for a couple of years now. I find that she is able to navigate those pathways in my brain where I get lost or go round and round in circles. Katalin is always very good at listening and at prompting me along the important paths, but most of all she is great at challenging me, particularly when I succumb to negative thought patterns, which I seem to want to hold on to. A session with Katalin is like a spring clean for my brain and that is never a bad thing – give it a try.
Mark, London,   Empowerment Coaching

I’ve been working with Katalin for 8 months.
I was looking for help figuring out what my goals are, and how to work towards them. Katalin tailored her sessions to what I needed, and I’m much more clear on what I want now.
The sessions have also been useful to regularly hold myself to account for progress. It’s easy to lose sight of what we are working towards and why – life gets in the way. The sessions make sure that I don’t forget for too long.

However, the greatest benefit I’ve had has been from working on self acceptance. I think this is Katalin’s specialty. A lot of my desire for goals, troubles and work and at home, came from not really being comfortable with myself. For instance, I wanted to be better at my job, but working with Katalin helped me differentiate between when I was having trouble doing something genuinely hard (unreasonable expectations), and wanting to be better at what I do as a kind of growth.

I’d definitely recommend Katalin to anyone looking for a coach!

Sam, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

The coaching has helped me to recognise the unhelpful thought patterns and to deal with them before they take a hold. I had not realised how powerful thought patterns can be. Negative thinking has had such a powerful effect on my life. Coaching showed me that positive thinking is just as powerful and can be life changing. Situations that once paralysed me with fear no longer held the same level of control over me. Getting my thinking right before an event and making sure I respond correctly in my thinking during he event has meant I can perform much more effectively than before. As a result, I enjoy my job a lot more. I’ve found it really easy to discuss things with you, I thought I’d never discuss with anyone. It’s been such a relief to talk about things and not feel judged in any way. Signing up for coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.
Phil, London,  Empowerment Coaching

Coaching has helped me look more objectively on things that come up in my life and to distinguish what is real versus what is only in my mind. Katalin provided useful tools to get me to see things more positively and to take action on what I want in my life. Life coaching has given me the ‘push’ and the tools that I needed. It is clear that Katalin knows her stuff, she puts you in the right direction and she is very supportive and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Katalin to anyone looking for a life-coach. Also, having sessions over Skype really worked for me as I don’t have much spare time.
Christina, London,  Empowerment Coaching

When I first contacted Katalin I described myself as being in a deep black hole, unable to climb out, but since my 6 sessions I can see light at the top and am nearly able to pull myself out. I feel more able to deal with situations and was worrying about a wedding I am going to in May but now I am really looking forward to it. I am changing the way I look at myself and am more encouraging about “me”. I am in the process of a career change and had no idea in which direction to go but I now have a much clearer picture and this is all thanks to Katalin.

Katalin was very easy to talk to and really made me look at myself and about things in a way I wouldn’t have done before. The follow-up emails I received after every session were very useful as it confirmed all we had discussed, which in 1 session can be a lot and therefore difficult to remember, so very helpful.

I would certainly recommend others to Katalin and with the free taster session what do you have to lose?!
Hilary, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

Katalin helped me identify the root causes of my stress and helped me find a balance between work and my private life. At first I was a bit sceptical and unsure whether coaching would help me but I was pleasantly surprised. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe again. Katalin taught me a useful technique to identify what is stressing me out and how to challenge my thought patterns in order to feel calmer. Coaching made me re-evaluate my life and taught me how to let go of things that are no longer serving me. Over all a very good experience although challenging at times. Katalin was always empathetic and she made me focus on the solution, not letting me indulge in self-pity for too long. Coaching has touched all aspects of my life. I am a calmer and happier person as a result of it.
Laura, West Sussex,  Empowerment Coaching

Coaching with Katalin has been a really positive experience for me with definite results. I felt safe and confident even when questions were asked that I didn’t want to think about or took me out of my comfort zone. I felt that Katalin was helping me along and her confidence that I could achieve what frankly felt impossible to me when we first started talking. She kept me going and inspired me. I found the regular phone contact and e-mail follow up very useful. Having something in writing to look at helped keep me on track.

Katalin guided me to challenge my thought processes that became automatic. She made me see the same situation from a different perspective by challenging my thinking patterns that helped to take me outside my own head and let me free up the lighter more fun side of my personality. Coaching helped me verbalising the fears that I felt were holding me back and being accepted by someone else as real fears. Having small weekly steps to try and achieve and being able to discuss each week with Katalin what happened kept me going. Again having my thought processes challenged/questioned was uncomfortable sometimes but was probably one of the most useful/productive parts of the coaching. Even though coaching finished over a year ago I have continued to be kinder and more accepting of myself ever since.
Frances, East Sussex ,  Empowerment Coaching

Katalin was coaching me for fear of driving. Although I already had my licence I was reluctant to drive. One of the main things I got out of coaching is the motivation, to face my fears. With weekly support and a big dose of encouragement I slowly built up my confidence to drive longer distances on my own, without having my partner sitting next to me and became more open to explore unknown routes. Having a goal to achieve each week kept me on track and knowing that I would need to talk about my experience made me feel accountable of my actions (or non actions) in a positive way. Katalin has a no nonsense approach, she kept me right on track all the way through the coaching process. I consider my fear of driving to be a small problem in comparison to problems other people might have but Katalin appreciated how important it was to me and treated my issue as an important one, which made me feel very comfortable to talk to her and express my fears. My initial irrational fears now have gone and I am able to just get on with it, go out and drive where ever I need to. I also found Katalin to be very conscientious. I believe that without Katalin’s help and support I would not be driving now.
Gaby, East Sussex ,  Empowerment Coaching

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